Powerful Application Planning and Log Analysis

MapStar® is a pre-application mapping and post-application analysis log replay software. MapStar allows you to import/export common GIS file formats, such as CAD DXF, MapInfo MID/MIF, and ESRI Shape files. In addition, you can view, analyze, and export log data. MapStar’s newest feature includes support for variable rate applications and prescription maps.

  • Pre-plan spray jobs
  • Create or edit waypoints, field boundaries, and patterns
  • View area sprayed, chemical amounts applied, and latitude and longitude positions
  • Measure distance and area
  • Import Shape, DXF, and MID/MIF file formats
  • Convert GIS files
  • Export logs to Shape, DXF, MID/MIF, or custom ASCII file formats
  • View and print log files on job or in office