Satloc Bantam

High Quality. Affordable. Compact. Rugged.

The Satloc Bantam provides state-of-the-art GPS guidance for aerial applicators. Available with AirTrac™ guidance software, the Satloc Bantam allows you to fly and spray precise patterns using constant rate flow control, reducing fuel, flying time, and application costs.

The Satloc Bantam lightbar guidance system features a real-time graphic moving map display that provides visual guidance, and shows key features such as swaths sprayed, field boundaries, skips and overlaps, mark points, waypoint and polygons. The AirTrac software allows you to track acreage sprayed, analyze log data, view range and bearing to remote points or fields, monitor application rates.

The Satloc Bantam includes a 7.0” touch screen, CPU with 2 USB drives and 2 GB USB stick, A21 antenna and external lightbar. Other screen options are available.

  • Customizable 7-inch touch screen with moving map display
  • Windows® XP
  • 2 USB port options. Log to hard drive or USB stick.
  • Compute sprayed area and total area
  • Navigate to stored marks and waypoints
  • Return to last sprayed point
  • Store, analyze, and retrieve field data
  • Create and convert Google Earth™KML files or shape files for viewing on the Satloc® Bantam™
  • Programmable switches for increment/decrement
  • Features new Crescent® board, which enhances functionality to handle G force
Satloc Bantam